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Merit competition applications must be made made through your club.


WCGBA Champion of Champions 2020

Sunday 4th October 2020 in Wrexham area

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    WCGBA Champion of Champions 2019

    Sunday 6th October 2019 at Abergele BC

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  • Winner Jason Jones with cup presented by WCGBA President Dave Mathias


    Top visitor Callum Wraight


    The competitors with WCGBA President Dave Mathias


    Winner Jason Jones in action


    Runner-up Gary Roberts in action



    WCGBA Club Championship 2019

    At Grove Park, Rhyl LL18 3RW on Sunday 15th September 2019

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  • Winners Llay with cup presented by WCGBA President Dave Mathias


    Runners up Min-y-Don with WCGBA President Dave Mathias



    Gwyn Morris Senior Merit at Benllech BC

    Sunday 23rd June 2019

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  • Winner Geraint Booth with cup presented by WCGBA President Dave Mathias

    Geraint Booth

    Semi finalists with WCGBA President Dave Mathias

    Geraint Booth


    Gwyn Morris Senior Merit Draw

    Sunday 23rd June 2019

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    WCGBA Champion of Champions 2019

    Sunday 6th October 2019 in Glyndwr area

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    Gwyn Morris Senior Merit Qualifying

    Saturday 18th May 2019 Start and Scratch 1pm

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    WCGBA Champion of Champions 2018

    7th October at Coed Talon BC

    WCGBA President Brenda Jones presenting Daniel Jones with the trophy.

    WCGBA C of Champions 2018

    The final major event of the season, the Welsh Champion of Champions, was held on Sunday 7th October at Coed Talon Bowling Club. This event is in its fourth year and spectators had a tasty line up of players to watch. Forget 'elite' or 'cream', this is just about bowls at its best.

    President Brenda Jones was the host, starting the games off in style. Referees for the day were DT Evans, Arthur Peake and Peter Hughes.

    With the first four games underway, there was one change to the list with Chris Eccles ( Flintshire Midweek Merit winner ) taking the place of Kerry Morris. Most of the games were pretty close with only a point or two in it. Linda Williams ( WCGBA Ladies Merit winner) forged ahead in her game with Jason Jones ( Abergele F/Lit Singles), going 10-5 up before Jason struck back, gaining on Linda's lead. Towards the end of their match Jason was 18-17 up. He ran out game 21-18 in the closest match of the first round. Steve Lawley (Colwyn Bay Legion Open) beat Geraint Roberts( WCGBA Vets Merit ) 21-15, Chris Slater (St Asaph Open) beat Jane Bowler ( Carenarfon Singles) 21-15 and Chris Eccles beat Pat Roscoe ( Ladies Rose Bowl trophy) 21-5.

    The second four games in the first round saw Garry Roberts (George Davies Trophy) win his game against Paul Hallet ( Gresford) 21-11, John Bailey ( WCGBA Senior Merit) was not to make it a double this time and lost to Daniel Jones ( Hawkesbury Round Table) 21-16. David 'Rocky' Jones( Wrexham Premier League Merit) played John Short ( NW Coast Merit) and won 21-17. Sam Williams ( WCGBA Junior Merit) had a tough game against Gareth P Hughes (Don Morgan Trophy) and was well down at the start before settling in to win 21-19.

    In the second round it was an easier run for Steve Lawley who won his game 21-9 with Chris Eccles. Chris Slater met a determined Jason Jones and lost 21-13. Jason was the first winner of the Welsh Champion of Champions in 2015. Garry Roberts and Daniel Jones' game started off well for Garry but then Daniel, who played all of the green well, came back to finish 21-20. Rocky and Sam were a good pair to watch. They know each other well, but they are excellent sportsmen, and gave us plenty of entertainment. Rocky finally won 21-16.

    In the Semi Final, Steve Lawley had a close game with Jason Jones with not much between them in points most of the way. Steve eventually fought his way to a 21-19 win. Daniel Jones started strongly in his Semi against Rocky, going 15-7 up. Rocky bowled some stunning woods to take a few more points. Daniel was not to be denied his place in the final and eventually won 21-16.

    By the final, there seemed to be no stopping Daniel in his progress to win the championship this year. He stormed away to a 10-3 lead and Steve had to work hard to claw back some points. Daniel clinched the title with a comfortable 21-9 win.

    WCGBA President Brenda Jones with this year's champions.

    WCGBA C of Champions 2018

    BCGBA Champion of Champions 2018

    29/30th September at Waterloo

    BCGBA C of Champions 2018BCGBA C of Champions 2018

    It may be getting to the close of the 2018 season, but the 'dragon', it seems is not ready to hibernate. At the Waterloo Champion of Champions event in Blackpool at the weekend, Wales had much to celebrate and be proud of. In the men's competition on Saturday 29th September John Bailey and Mathew Worden were flying the flag for Wales and they passed the baton to Linda Williams and Sarah Nicholas for the Ladies competition on the Sunday.

    The men's event hosted an impressive field with some of the games' best bowlers from across the Crown Green world. Young Mathew Worden displayed a maturity and determination beyond his years stepping out at number six. He beat Nick Wyer ( Staffs Merit winner ) 21-12 in the first round. In his next game, Matty led the way against Dean Missere ( Sandal Classic winner ) winning 21-16. This took him into his first Champions Quarter Final. Here he came up against Kevan Shaw (Spring Waterloo Champion ). The bowling was breathtaking from both players, and Kevan had to work hard to take any points from Matty. In the end he beat Matty 21-20. What a season this young man has had. Runner up at the Junior Welsh Merit and Winner of the British Junior Merit. Matty also took himself to a semi final place at the Autumn Waterloo Competition and now a quarter final place at the Champion of Champions. He will, no doubt, leave his name on some prestigious trophies in the future and Grandad, Dave will need a good supply of pens for marking. Seasoned player John Bailey was placed in the middle of the field. First opponent up was Danny Barwise ( Merseyside Meirt winner ) John won 21-20. In round two he was to take one of the big scalps of the day beating Wayne Ditchfield ( NLF Merit winner) 21-14. There was no stopping John in the quarter final either. He beat Darren Plenderleith (North Mids. Merit winner ) 21-8. In the semi final it was to be Matt Gilmore next. John won 21-16. Having won this title back in 2007 and been runner up, he was going for gold. Kevan Shaw found himself in John's sights. A thoroughly entertaining final, it was all on the last end. You could have heard a pin drop. In one of the Waterloo's challenging corners, John bowled brilliantly and accurately to end it 21-20. Surrounded by his family, he looked stunned but elated to be this years Champion of Champions.

    The Ladies Champion of Champions on the Sunday was no less exciting and deserves a lot more support. Both our ladies were in the lower part of the draw. Sarah Nicolas was the first lady from Wales to head out. Sarah – the British Ladies Champion this year – met Tracey Moseley ( Spring Stretton Anglesey Winner ) who she beat comfortably 21-4. In her second game, she took on the British Ladies President and Cheshire Merit winner, Sylvia Bradbury. It was to be another single figure win 21-9. This earned Sarah a place in the Quarter final where she met Samantha Murray ( South Staffs Merit ). This time, her opponent reached double figures, but Sarah soon triumphed 21-17. This brought her face to face with fellow Welsh lady Linda Williams in the Semi Final. Linda, meanwhile, had seen off Maliza Herbert ( War & Worcs Meir ) in her first game 21-9. Second game was to be against Janet Monk ( IOM Meirt ). Linda won comfortably 21-10. In the Quarter final she met Debbie Whitworth ( S. Cheshire Merit ) and won 21-16. Now it was Sarah Nicholas. Sarah played a tidy game across the green, whilst Linda was happiest in the corners. Linda went 11-6 up. There was some superb bowling by both players with Sarah beating some brilliant bowls by Linda. Linda then started to stretch a commanding lead, and showed the true champion she is by giving Sarah no chance to pull level. She beat Sarah 21-9. So Linda found herself in the final once more. She won this title in 2010 and was to meet last years winner Lindsey Gorman ( Merseyside Merit ) in the final. The match started off point for point and for the first seven ends there was nothing to choose between these two great players. It was all a matter of style, across the green or corners. Lindsey was to nudge ahead 13-10. Linda then picked up a few points to make the score 15-14 in her favour. At 17 across, Linda must have seen the trophy in her sights and stretched her lead to 20-17. Lindsey, however was not to be taken that easily and fought back to 20-19. It was another nail biting final end for the dragon watchers, but Linda made it to 21-19.

    Wales may be small compared to some of the 'counties' in Crown Green but we punch above our weight when it comes to individual talent.

    Here's a bit of trivia. After the double Champion of Champions successes for Wales recently, John Bailey asked Peter Higham if the occasion was unique. He had a trawl through past winners and came up with the 2007 Mens Champion and Ladies Champion from the same region. Guess what! It was John Bailey and Nicola Boulton ( nee Dolby ) who was playing for Wales then. Therefore in the 32 years that both of the Champion of Champions tournaments have been won by the same region - both County Merit winners - has only happened twice and both times by Wales. Looking back at past winner Maureen Perkins and Gary Ellis won their respective titles in 2011, but Gary was not representing his County - Greater Manchester - on this occasion. Interesting stuff.


    Welsh Champion of Champions 2018

    Sunday 7th October at Coed Talon BC commencing 10-30am


    The Draw

    Welsh C of Champions 2018


    Welsh Club Championships 2018

    Sunday 16th September 2018 at Flint BC

    This season's Club Championships was hosted by Flintshire on Sunday 16th September at Flint Bowling Club. President, Brenda Jones, was there to support the event. This years' teams – all winners of their County Cup competitions – were Llanrwst, Min Y Don, Sychdyn and Esclusham. Referees for the day were DT Evans, Stan Warburton and Tom Lockyer.

    Esclusham drew Llanrwst in one part of the competition. Esclusham got off to a fine start with Ian Dutton's 21-13 win over Llanrwst's Chris Bailey. Second on the green were Darren Lacey and Alan Jones. Darren struggled to find his form to start with and Alan went to a 20 – 9 lead, but 'never say die Lacey' mounted an exceptional come back to 19 before Alan ran out game. Brian Hayes also lost narrowly 21-18. Game number five was one to look forward to with John Bailey set to play Dave 'Rocky' Jones. It was a game guaranteed to deliver some quality bowling from both players and it did not disappoint. John led from the beginning, but Rocky gradually wore away that lead to make it 19 across. With bowls inches from the block being beaten by better ones from both players throughout the match, Rocky finally triumphed 21-19. The remaining three players for Esclusham also kept the team in the lead especially Craig Griffiths 21-6 win. Esclusham score from the game 161. Llanrwst 121

    In the second draw Sychdyn played Min Y Don. Sychdyn led out with good wins from Viv Roberts and Caroline Ledsham. At number three, Nigel Lloyd had the best win 21-11. Paul Williams also had an excellent game against Rob Pierce winning 21-19. With four wins and four losses for both teams it was all on final points. At the half way stage, Sychdyn were only behind Min Y Don by three. Unfortunately it was not to be Sychdyn's day and Min Y Don went through to the final. Final scores were Sychdyn 130. Min Y Don 152.

    With a few changes to the side for Min Y Don, their final with Esclusham got underway. By far the strongest team Esclusham stormed away, and only dropped two games. Darren Lacey had no problem with his second game of the day winning 21-10. Ian Dutton won 21-9 and Carl Roberts 21-14. Berwyn Williams was the best winner for Min Y Don at 21-15. Final scores... Esclusham 159 and Min Y Don 128.


    Full Results

    Welsh Club Champions 2018

    Winners Esclusham

    Welsh Club Champions 2018

    Runners Up Min y Don

    Welsh Club Champions 2018


    Welsh Club Champions 2018


    Welsh Club Champions 2018

    Welsh Champion of Champions 2017

    Sunday 1st October 2017 at Criccieth BC, Gwynedd

    In the wake of hurricanes Irma and Maria, Wales held its third Champion of Champions at Criccieth Bowling Club. Sixteen competitors, all winners of qualifying events and tournaments in Wales throughout 2017, ranging from the Senior Welsh Merit winner to winners of competitions held at the Colwyn Bay Festival to open competitions and league average successes all battled it out to lift the coveted trophy. This years field included the inaugural winner Jason Jones (Abergele) and the reigning champion Lewis Scott (St Asaph). We were also treated to a pair of well known names in the games of bowls; Andy Cairns winner of the 2017 George Davies Trophy and Tommy Johnstone, this years winner of the Colwyn Bay Legion Singles. Referees on the day were DT Evans, Allen Davies, Stan Warburton and Arthur Peake,

    The first round got underway in wet and blustery conditions. Most games were fairly close and there were comfortable wins for Chris Slater (Colwyn Bay BL) and Lewis Scott. Martin Jones(Cunliffe) had quite a battle with Andy Cairns but was finally pipped to a 21-20 win for the Rossendale visitor. Tommy Johnstone secured his place in the last eight where he met Sam Williams (Cunliffe), twice Welsh Junior Merit Champion. With a game of touch and go, Tommy's greater experience trumped Sam to a 21-19 win.

    Andy Cairns and Tommy Johnstone met in the first semi-final match. It was always going to be an interesting one. Both players had seemed to settle down with the challenging conditions but it was Tommy who edged away to win 21-17. In the second semi-final, home grown pair, John Bailey (Llanrwst) and Lewis Scott traded shot for shot with John Bailey finally coming out on top 21-14. The final started off in a tight game with both Tommy and John taking the lead at various stages. In the end, it was the Manchester man who was to take the trophy outside Wales for the first time with a 21-16 win.

    This competition has become a favourite end of season event and we look forward to returning the cup to Wales in 2018.

    Full Results

    Welsh Champion of Champions 2017

    Welsh Champion of Champions 2017 Competitors

    Welsh Champion of Champions 2017

    Presentation by WCGBA President Dusia Price to winner Tommy Johnstone

    Welsh Champion of Champions 2017

    Winner Tommy Johnstone

    Welsh Champion of Champions 2017



    Qualifiers to date - updated due to error on Llanfair PG singles



    Welsh Champion of Champions

    The Welsh Champion of Champions held at Cunliffe BC on Sunday 2nd October 2016

    The results :-

    Welsh Champion of Champions

    Welsh Champion of Champions

    Lewis Scott 2016 Champion of Champions with Peter Higham BCGBA President and Lea Southby from the sponsors Co Op Funeralcare

    Welsh Champion of Champions

    Lewis holds the cup aloft

    Welsh Champion of Champions

    Lewis leaving quickly with the cheque before John Percy can ask for a loan

    Welsh Champion of Champions

    This unlikely looking group are apparently all Champions (except Peter Higham of course)

    It has been agreed that the WCGBA Champion of Champions Competition should go around to all 4 areas.


    2016 Wrexham
    2017 Gwynedd
    2018 Flintshire
    2019 Glyndwr

    The qualifying competitions for 2016 are as follows

    Welsh Senior Merit
    Welsh Ladies Merit
    Welsh Junior Merit
    Welsh Veterans Merit
    George Davies Colwyn Bay Festival
    Ladies Rose Bowl Colwyn Bay Festival
    Bill Hughes Colwyn Bay Festival
    Hawkesbury Round Table Flintshire
    Field Cup Gresford Village Wrexham
    St Asaph Open Glyndwr
    Colwyn Bay Legion Open Glyndwr
    Abergele Singles Glyndwr
    Don Morgan Trophy Gwynedd
    Baxter Cup Gwynedd
    Llanfair P.G. Floodlight Gwynedd
    Caernarvon Singles Gwynedd


    1. Welsh Counties Average Winner
    2. Wrexham Premier Division Average Winner
    3. Coast League Division 1 Average Winner
    4. Flintshire Midweek League Division 1 Average Winner
    5. Dicken Cup
    6. Alun Jones Trophy Colwyn Bay Festival
    7. Waterhouse Cup Flintshire
    8. Trefnant Singles Glyndwr