Hall of Fame

Cliff Littlehales BCGBA Individual Merit Winner 1958 *
Eric Ashton BCGBA Individual Merit Winner 1959
Ray Springfield BCGBA President 1976
Geraint Jones BCGBA Junior Merit Winner 1976 *
Jack Hunt BCGBA Individual Merit Winner 1979
Yorkshire Bank Crown King 1979 *
Yorkshire Bank Crown King 1980
Martin Halliwell BCGBA Junior Merit Winner 1981 *
Bruce Conway Yorkshire Bank Crown King 1983
Gwyn Morris BCGBA President 1986
Nicky Jones British Parks Individual Merit Winner 1994 *
Viv Roberts Ladies Champion of Champions 1994 *
Mel Higham BCGBA President 2001
Sioned Booth-Coates (nee Taylor) BCGLBA Junior Individual Merit Winner 2002 *
Nicola Boulton (nee Dolby) Ladies Champion of Champions 2005
Ladies Champion of Champions 2007
Betty Phillips BCGLBA Individual Merit Winner 2006 *
Sarah Hey BCGLBA Individual Merit Winner 2007
John Bailey Champion of Champions 2007 *
Brenda Jones BCGLBA President 2008 *
Linda Williams Ladies Champion of Champions 2010
BCGLBA Individual Merit Winner 2012
Merwyn Williams BCGBA Veterans Merit Winner 2011 *
Mike Riley BCGBA Individual Merit Winner 2011
Courtney Metcalfe BCGLBA Junior Individual Merit Winner 2013
Andrew Armstrong BCGBA Junior Merit Winner 2016
DT Evans BCGBA Individual Merit Referee 2016
Peter Higham BCGBA President 2016
Sarah Nicolas BCGBA Ladies Merit Winner 2018
Matthew Worden BCGBA Junior Merit Winner 2018
* denotes first from Wales