Mens 2019 Season


Wales v Merseyside

Sunday 7th July 2019 at Brymbo BC and away at Windle BC

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    WCGBA team

    Home team at Brymbo BC

    WCGBA team

    Home Player of the Match Robin Bennett

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    Wales v Greater Manchester

    Sunday 6th May 2019 at Broughton BC and away at Aston CC

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    Home team at Broughton BC

    WCGBA team

    Home MoM Lewis Scott presented by WCGBA President Dave Mathias

    Lewis Scott


    Mens 2018 Season


    BCGBA Supplementary – Stan Higham Trophy

    Sunday 5th August at Meole Brace BC


    The County Supplementary competition for 2018 was held on Sunday 5th August at Meole Brace Bowling Club. In the running this year were Cheshire, Cumbria, Lancashire, Yorkshire, North Midlands, Staffordshire, Great Manchester and Wales. Wales played their matches on Green 2 with Yorkshire, Lancashire and North Midlands as opponents. BCGBA President, Keith Andrews came to support the start of the competition and our own President, Brenda Jones, was there to support all day.

    In the first round Wales met Yorkshire, with Kevin Nicholas ( Gresford Colliery), John Bonatti ( Coed Talon ), Adam Penlington ( Broughton ) and Martin Jones ( Cunliffe ) leading the way. Kevin won his game 21-19 but, Martin, Adam and John were not so fortunate with a loss each, but the margins were small with 17s and a 19.

    Young Matty Worden ( Gresford Colliery ) took his place alongside our senior players and scored an impressive 21-7 victory. Lewis Scott ( St Asaph ) came away with a 21-14 win, Robin Bennett ( Cunliffe ) won 21-18 and Andrew Hughes ( Cunliffe ) ended the round with a 21-17 loss. Wales won this round 154 to Yorkshire 142.

    In round two it was Lancashire. Virtually the same team returned to meet the challenge with one change, seeing Geraint Booth ( Llanfair PG ) step in. Once again Kevin showed his metal winning 21-17, Adam won 21-16, Lewis won 21-14 and Matty and Robin also came off winners scoring 21-19 and 21-12 respectively. Geraint Booth won 21-15 and Andrew keeping his personal pride and the pride of Wales in his sights made a decisive 21-5 win to end the round. Wales scored 162, Lancashire 120.

    Round three was against North Midlands – last years' County Champions. In this stage we made a few more losses than we would have liked. Geraint Booth had a close game but won 21-20, Matty Worden won 21-19 and Andrew 21-17. Our best win was Robin Bennett 21-15. Wales scored 128 North Midlands 155. With aggregate scores calculated, this meant Wales were in the final.

    The Stan Higham Trophy has come to be a competition fiercely fought in its own right. Wales have won this on three earlier occasions. From the winners, Cheshire on Green 1, Wales were ready to do their very best. The final started with four games on Green 1. Andrew Hughes, Robin and Graham Bennett ( Cunliffe ) and Joey Williams ( Llay ). Swings and roundabouts meant a loss that was going to be hard to make up. The second four on Green 2 had better fortune with Kevin and Geraint Booth winning their games. With Matty and Adam not so lucky, it was not to be a fourth win for Wales this time. Wales scored 127 and Cheshire 144. What really stood out from the days play was how well this team gelled. Everyone played an active part in what must be agreed was an excellent performance and shows that Wales CAN be a force to be reckoned with. From the team coordinator, team Captain, players and supporters the atmosphere was one of total partnership. I, for one, would like to see more.

    The Gwyn Morris Welsh Senior Merit 2018

    Sunday 24th, June at Brymbo Sports and Social Club

    The annual Senior Championship for Wales was held yesterday, Sunday 24th of June at Brymbo Sports and Social Club. The event was hosted by 2018 Welsh President, Brenda Jones who was delighted to welcome everyone to this exceptional venue. A warm welcome was extended to the 2018 BCGBA President, Keith Andrews, who has many friends in Wales, and to Allan Jones and his wife Sue, from Bowls Wales – a co ordinating body for bowls across Wales. Their mission, to promote bowls as a life long sport for all and to raise awareness of all bowling codes. They had travelled from South Wales to experience for themselves a major Crown Green event. Deputy Welsh President, Dave Mathias was also there for the day. Referees included DT Evans, Arthur Peake, Peter Hughes and Derek Evans.

    The line up for the competition contained an excellent cross section of bowling talent from across North Wales. There were the expected familiar faces at this level in the sport and a sprinkling of new faces, with some, definitely ones to watch for the future.

    Andrew Armstrong( Cunliffe) started the games off in style with a 21-7 win against Adam Harris ( Beaumaris ). Andy Delooze ( Mold Rec. ) and Robin Bennett ( Cunliffe ), Stephen Vernon (New Brighton ) and Gareth P Hughes ( Craig y Don.) all had good even games to begin, but Robin and Gareth secured their places in the last 16 along with Mike Chamberlain (Rhos Park ), Ieuan Pugh (Esclusham ), Mike Gilpin ( Cunliffe ), Neale Charlton ( Fron Park ) and Geraint Roberts( Denbigh ) from the first half of the draw. The second half of the sheet saw Craig Richardson ( Min y Don ), Christian Pattinson (Conwy) Ian Dutton ( Esclusham ), Barry Harris (Beaumaris ), Matty Worden( Gresford Colliery ), Jay Salisbury( Cunliffe), Leighton Roberts( Esclusham ) and John Bailey( Llanrwst ) all winning their first games and joining them.

    On an increasingly fast green, where possession of the block was certainly an advantage to judge pace and effort required, there was still a mix of bowlers from all areas of, Wales' Crown Green world. The bowling standards kept getting higher and higher, and no particular game could be said to be better than another. Earning their places in the last eight were Mike Chamberlain, Robin Bennett, Gareth P Hughes, Neale Charlton, Craig Richardson, Barry Harris, Matty Worden and John Bailey.

    From this quarter final stage, things really started to get interesting with Matty Worden, still in Wales' Junior squad, facing John Bailey. He was not in the least flustered and they sparred well together before John's experience pulled him through 21-11. At the semi final stage, Mike Chamberlain met Neale Charlton and Craig Richardson faced John Bailey.

    Both Neale and Craig bowled exceptionally well, with Mike and John having to work hard to stay ahead. In the end, Mike Chamberlain secured a place in his first Welsh Senior Merit Final beating Neale 21-16, and John was looking to add to his three times win of the title after beating Craig 21-9.

    The stage was set for a thrilling final, and it did not disappoint. There was nothing in it for the early part of the game with each player nudging ahead, only to be drawn across on a level score on more than one occasion. In the end, we were treated to classic John Bailey style and he went on to win that fourth title 21-17.

    Semi Finalists with WCGBA President Brenda Jones


    Winner, John Bailey with Brenda Jones and BCGBA President, Keith Andrews.



    Wales 399 v Potteries 439

    Sunday 3rd June 2018

    Wales faced the Potteries and District in the second of the County games on Sunday 3rd June. The Potteries were last year's runners up in the competition, and this year, due to one team not entering the county series, Wales only had two games. The Home leg was played at Trefnant BC with host Deputy President Dave Mathias and Co ordinator Mark Jones, Peter Scott and Dusia Price officiating. The Referee for the game was Evelyn Hastings ( NLF) ably assisted by Derek Evans and Peter Hayes.

    On a hot afternoon, the first four got the games underway with a shaky start. At the number one spot, Jason Jones (Abergele ) was well down 10-1 at one point before edging his way back to a deserved 21-15 win, leaving his opponent, Lee Brown, wondering where his lead went to, Mark Parry ( Llanrwst ) was another fighter; down at the start 18-7 only to pull even at 19 across before finishing with the closest win of the day 21-20. At number 4 John Bonatti ( Coed Talon ) was in command all the way and beat Kevin Boon 21-7. In the middle four, Lewis Scott ( St Asaph ) also scored a 21-7 victory, earning himself Welsh Player of the Match. Kris Charlton ( Abergele ) had a close game and Dad Neale ( Fron Park ) played a steady game to win 21-9. Home score Wales 206. Potteries 202.

    The Away leg, played at Dilhorne BC was going to be another tough one for Wales. Robin Bennet ( Cunliffe ) was narrowly defeated 21-20 by Steve Parkin as was Martin Jones at number 7 also losing by the same close score. At number 5 Leighton Roberts ( Esclusham ) was the only winner at the top half of the draw with a 21-16 win over Joe Melvin. Adam Penlington ( Broughton ) had our second win 21 -11 against Anthony Lloyd which secured him the British Player of the Match. This is the second time Adam has been honoured with the award. He won the award at Wales' last match Away in Cumbria. Away Scores Wales 193. Potteries 237. This is a very good score for our team away from home on what is known as a difficult green. Wales now qualify to play in the Supplementary competition; one they have won in previous years.

    Wales 399 v Potteries 439

    Senior team

    Welsh Team at Trefnant

    Senior team

    Lewis Scott Welsh MoM at Trefnant

    Senior team


    Wales 399 v Cumbria 402

    Sunday 6th May 2018

    The first of the County matches got underway on Sunday 6th May with Wales playing Cumbria. The Home venue was Broughton Bowling Club and the Away leg was played at Lindal Bowling Club.

    The weather was too kind to us and the temperature soared into the mid twenties, making play extra challenging. At the Away venue, the green at Lindal is known for being difficult and for catching out the unwary. It has lots of different paces to it. President Brenda Jones travelled with the team. Also supporting the day was WCGBA official Sandra West. We found ourselves heavily reliant on reserves here and they more than met the challenge. The host county team did not have things all their own way and for Wales to lose by only 43 points was a good team effort. Special mention must go to Team Manager Barry Hughes who motivated his squad from the word 'go' and kept them all focused and supportive of one another.

    Nick Jones ( Cunliffe ) had one of our best wins. Adam Penlington (Broughton ) played exceptionally well against Paul Thompson and Leighton Roberts (Esclusham ) scored a pleasing victory at the number one spot. The end result here was Wales 185 – Cumbria 228. At the end of the afternoon's play, Player of the Match for Wales went to Graham Rogers ( Cunliffe ). Stepping in from the reserves list he did his country proud with a 21-17 win. The BCGBA Player of the Match for the most outstanding performance was not an easy one to judge. However, a joint Wales and Cumbria decision led to Adam Penlington scooping up the award.

    At the Home venue, Wales held the lead all the way with excellent results from Jason Jones ( Abergele ) 21-8 against Andy Thornton and Robin Bennett ( Cunliffe ) also winning to 21-8 against Simon Perry.

    The end result at Broughton was Wales 214 and Cumbria 174. A Welsh win of 40 at Home. In the end, Wales lost by 3 chalks.

    Senior team

    Welsh Team at Lindal

    Senior team

    Graham Rogers (Cunliffe) Welsh MoM and Adam Penlington (Broughton) MoM at Lindal

    Senior team

    Welsh Team at Broughton and Bretton

    Senior team

    Vice President Dave Mathias and Officials at Broughton and Bretton

    Senior team

    Jason Jones at Broughton and Bretton

    Senior team

    Paul Walley at Broughton and Bretton

    Senior team

    John Short at Broughton and Bretton

    Senior team

    Was that a near miss Jason ?

    Senior team


    Senior County Championship 5-year Calendar 2015 to 2019

    County Associations shown in the order of draw.

    Section One: Greater Manchester, Derbyshire, Cheshire, Cumbria
    Section Two: South Yorkshire, North Lancs & Fylde, North Midlands, Wales
    Section Three: Potteries & District, Yorkshire, Warwick & Worcester, Merseyside
    Section Four: Shropshire, Isle of Man, Lancashire, Staffordshire

    Section One: Greater Manchester, South Yorkshire, Potteries & District, Shropshire
    Section Two: Derbyshire, North Lancs & Fylde, Merseyside, Isle of Man
    Section Three: Cheshire, Wales, Yorkshire, Lancashire
    Section Four: Cumbria, North Midlands, Warwick & Worcester, Staffordshire

    Section One: Greater Manchester, North Midlands, Yorkshire, Isle of Man
    Section Two: Derbyshire, Wales, Warwick & Worcester, Shropshire
    Section Three: Cumbria, South Yorkshire, Merseyside, Lancashire
    Section Four: Cheshire, North Lancs & Fylde, Potteries & District, Staffordshire

    Section One: Greater Manchester, North Lancs & Fylde, Warwick & Worcester, Lancashire
    Section Two: Cheshire, North Midlands, Merseyside, Shropshire
    Section Three: Cumbria, Wales, Potteries & District, Isle of Man
    Section Four: Derbyshire, South Yorkshire, Yorkshire, Staffordshire

    Section One: Derbyshire, North Midlands, Potteries & District, Lancashire
    Section Two: Cheshire, South Yorkshire, Warwick & Worcester, Isle of Man
    Section Three: Cumbria, North Lancs & Fylde, Yorkshire, Shropshire
    Section Four: Greater Manchester, Wales, Merseyside, Staffordshire