Veterans 2019 Season


Mel Higham WCGBA Vets Club Championship 2019

To be held at Bersham BC LL14 4HS on Tuesday 1st October at 11am

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    BCGBA Veterans Merit

    Prees, Shropshire on Wednesday 3rd July at 10am

    BCGBA Vets Merit Results


    BCGBA Veterans Team Championship

    Dilhorne Recreation BC, New Road, Stoke-on-Trent, ST10 2PQ on Thursday 11th July at 10am

    Mike Barrodale, the veterans team manager, has selected the following team :-

    Kevin Nicholas     Gresford Coll.

    Merfyn Jones        Rhos Park

    John Bonatti         Coed Talon

    Gary Roberts        Craig-y-Don

    Barry Harris         Beaumaris

    John Jones           Broughton

    Graham Bennett  Cunliffe

    Des Hey                 Broughton

    Richie Jamieson  Rhos Park

    Kerrie Jones         Gresford Coll.

    Due to my work at WJEC Cardiff on the 11th, Colin Evans will be in charge of the team on the day and players are asked to report to Colin no later than 9.40 am. Please try to arrange transport for yourselves to Stoke, but let Mike (01745591337) or Colin (07516290293) know if any problems arise. WCGBA red shirts should be worn. Please adhere to the usual dress code. (Gary and Kerrie : I will order shirts for both of you this week). Our games, in order, are against Potteries , Greater Manchester and finally Cheshire. Supporters on the day will be very welcome.



    Brymbo BC 5th June 2019

    Winner Gary Roberts ( Craig-y-Don )


    The Welsh Vet's Individual Merit was played – Wednesday 5th June – at Brymbo Bowling Club. The event was hosted by Past President Brenda Jones with the 2019 President Dave Mathias and the Deputy President Simon Walker also there to support the day. The Referees, who did an excellent job all day were, Peter Hughes, Jim Clarke and Alan Davies.

    The event was well represented with sixteen players, four from each of the Areas, Flintshire, Gwynedd, Glyndwr and Wrexham. In the opening half of the draw, the games were pretty close with only a point or two separating each pair of players. Brian Watkin ( Gresford Village ) had a very close tie with Barry Harris ( Beaumaris). Barry took the lead from the 15-14 stage and despite a good run from Brian, Barry edged his way to 21-20. Dave Philip ( St Asaph) played well to win 21-15. Gareth Hughes( Craig Y Don) had another of the close games and won 21-20 over John Cooper. Gary Roberts (Craig Y Don) also won through 21-17 against Peter Lacey ( Coed Talon) to end the first half.

    In the second half of the draw the games were no less close, except for Kevin Nicholas (Gresford Collier) who blazed away to a 21-7 win over Roger Griffiths ( Bryn Newydd). Also through to the Quarter final were Geraint Roberts, John Bonatti ( Coed Talon) and John Jones ( Broughton).

    In the Quarter Finals Kevin, once again, got off well in his game with 2018 winner, Geraint Roberts to lead 11-3 up. Geraint pulled a few back, but it was not enough and Kevin won 21-16. Dave Philip also triumphed in his second game to find his place in the Semi Final with a 21-16 win against Barry Harris. Also through were John Bonatti with a 21-16 win over John Jones and Gary Roberts on 21 13 over Gareth Hughes.

    In the Semi Finals, Kevin and John Bonatti level-pegged at the start. John’s corner bowling very much in evidence allowed him to stretch away to win 21-14. Dave could not find his form in his semi, whilst Gary Roberts steadily chalked up the points to win his place in the Final at 21-12.

    With the Final now in play, John led the start well. Gary took some time to settle into his stride, but when he did, he played some superb bowls, often beating John in the corners and chalking up the points all over the green. An exceptionally good run in the mid part of the game brought him the lead at 16-13. He was to maintain that and won the title 21-14. So. Gary Roberts is the WCGBA Vet’s Champion for 2019. The other Semi Finalists, John Bonatti, Dave Philip and Kevin Nicholas all qualify for the Jack and Jean Isherwood Vets Championship at Prees on July 3rd starting at 10am. Come along if you can.

    Past President Brenda Jones with the semi-finalists



    Veterans 2018 Season


    WCGBA Veterans Club Championship 2018

    Held at Abergele BC on Tuesday 2nd October

    Winners Coed Talon


    The Welsh Vets Club Championships were held at Abergele Bowling Club on Tuesday 2nd of October. Past President, Dusia Price hosted the day. Referees for the event were DT Evans, Derek Evans and Alan Davies. This year the qualifying teams were Gresford Colliery, Rhos Park – both who were in the final last season – together with Craig Y Don and Coed Talon.

    In the draw, Gresford Colliery met Rhos Park. Gresford got off to a winning streak at the start with the first three blocks whilst Colin Evans was the best winner for Rhos Park 21-9. By the half way stage, Gresford were 72 to Rhos Park's 65. Gresford retained a good lead for the rest of the first round match and finished on 153. Rhos Park scored 128.

    In the second pairing, Craig Y Don faced Coed Talon. Again one team got off to a good start. This time Coed Talon had three winners to one in the first four and were 76 to Craig Y Don's 62 at the half way point. David Baison was the best winner at this stage 21-10. Team Coed Talon remained strong for the rest of the round and finished on 149, although Craig Y Don's Gary Roberts had a convincing win of 21-10. Craig Y Don finished on 128.

    The scene was set for the final between Coed Talon and Gresford Colliery. Once again Coed Talon started off strongly and by the half way stage they were 15 ahead. Gresford rallied in the second four with Merwyn Williams producing some fine form to win his game 21-11. This brought the aggregate closer with only 9 points difference with the last game yet to finish. Kevin Nicolas played Brian Salisbury in a close game with excellent bowling from both players. Kevin eventually won 21-17. This gave a total score of 145 to Gresford Colliery and 150 to Coed Talon. A very exciting finish with close result.

    Coed Talon's Captain, Trevor Williams accepted the Mel Higham Trophy from Dusia Price and Mel's brother Peter Higham. MR

    BCGBA Veterans Team Championship

    Openshaw AEU Bowling Club, Greater Manchester on Thursday 12th July 2018 at 10 am

    The following team was selected by the Team Manager, Mike Barrodale



    Back l to r, Mike Barrodale (Manager), John Bonatti (Coed Talon), Kevin Nicholas (Gresford Colliery), Des Hey (Broughton), Barry Harris (Beaumaris), Colin Smith (Aston)

    Front l to r, Geraint Jones (Conwy), Merfyn Jones (Rhos Park), Graham Bennett (Cunliffe), Mike Chamberlain (Rhos Park), Ritchie Jamieson (Coed Talon), Geraint Roberts (Trefnant)


    Wales took part once again in the Vet's County qualifying stage at Openshaw on Thursday 12th July. Wales were in the same group as before with Cheshire, Greater Manchester and the Potteries. The green was a challenge to everyone throughout the day. Some light rain on the green before the teams arrived took some of the pace out of the dry conditions but not enough to make a real difference. As the day warmed up and the green dried out, it was back to doing ones best to keep the bowls on the green at all.

    In the first round, Wales played Cheshire. There were excellent performances by Kevin Nicholas 21-6, Merfyn Jones 21-12 and Graham Bennett 21-11 along with Mike Chamberlain, Barry Harris and Des Hey to give Wales a good win. Wales 145. Cheshire 127.

    In the second round we met hosts, Greater Manchester and had a pretty close run with them. Once again, Kevin Nicolas and Merfyn Jones bowled well with 21-12 and 21-15 wins, respectively. There were a couple of close games with Mike Chamberlain and Graham Bennett both winning 21-20 and Des Hey just missing out with a 21-20 loss. Greater Manchester took that round 151 and Wales 142.

    In the final round Wales played the Potteries. Des Hey gave us a good 21-9 win, with Kevin Nicholas, Colin Smith, and Merfyn Jones tying up a few more points for wales. In the end Wales scored 144 and the Potteries 149.

    MR MR



    At Prees Cricket & Recreation Club on Wednesday 4th July 2018

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    Bryn Newydd Bowling Club, 6th June 2018

    Winner Geraint Roberts ( Trefnant )


    The Welsh Vet's Individual Merit was played – Wednesday 6th June – at Bryn Newydd Bowling Club, Prestatyn. The event was hosted by Past President Dusia Price with The 2018 President Brenda Jones and the Deputy President Dave Mathias also there to support the day. There was an interesting field of players with representatives from all four areas in Wales. Included in the line up were the 2017 winner and runner up, Graham James (Esclusham ) and Trevor Bate ( Llandudno) respectively.

    All the first four games ran pretty close but in the end Merfyn Jones (Rhos Park ) beat Graham Bennett ( Cunliffe ) 21-16; Dafydd Hughes ( Criccieth ) beat Peter Maddocks (Coed Talon) 21-18; Geraint Roberts ( Trefnant ) triumphed over Mike Parry ( Esclusham ) 21-19 and Mike Chamberlain ( Rhos Park ) beat Colin Smith ( Aston ) 21-13. In the second four, Colin Evans ( Rhos Park ) took an early lead against Gwyn Humphreys of St Asaph 12-7. Gwyn eroded this lead to nudge just behind at 14-12. Colin forged ahead once again and won the game 21-16. Trevor Bate had a comfortable win over Geraint Jones ( Craig y Don ) 21-17 and Graham James beat his opponent John Cooper ( Kinmel Bay ) 21-19. The last game of the first round was a titanic match between John Bonatti ( Coed Talon ) and Kevin Nicholas ( Gresford Colliery ). Kevin was well down at the start 11-7. Then he got into his stride and with some superb corner bowling brought the score to 15-12 down. John was taking no prisoners and after some accurate striking, he was leading 20-14. Kevin fought back to make it 20-18. At the final end John sealed the game 21-18.

    In round two, Colin Evans and Trevor Bate played neck and neck until Trevor ran out game to 21-18. Merfyn Jones had a comfortable 21-14 win over Dafydd Hughes and Geraint Roberts secured his place in the semi final beating Mike Chamberlain 21-17. In his second game, John Bonatti led all the way over Graham James and won 21-14.

    Both semi final games were thrilling to watch. Points were won and lost all the way first by one, then the other. Geraint Roberts beat Merfyn Jones 21-20 in one match and Trevor Bate beat John Bonatti to the same 21-20 score.

    In the final both players diced with 'lady luck'. Geraint Roberts and Trevor swapping the narrowest of leads time and again. Eventually Geraint secured the 2018 title beating Trevor 21-16.

    The four semi finalists will go through to the BCGBA Vets Merit Final day at Prees next month.

    Congratulations to our own DT Evans also for winning the British Referees title last Saturday at Middlewich, beating well known referee and current BCGBA President Keith Andrews.

    Past President Dusia Price with competitors and officials