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Bye-law 19 - Players Dress - Page 49 2019 Handbook

1. Suitable footwear must be worn. Hard or block-heeled footwear, sandals or other open-toed footwear must not be worn whilst on the green in any match under the Association’s jurisdiction.

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    Referees Tournament 2019

  • Referees Tournament Report

    Competitors and Referees


    Winner Alan Davies



    Referees Officers 2019

  • Referees Officers 2019

    Referees Tournament 2018

  • Referees Tournament Report

    What do you call a group of referees ?


    Runner-up Stan Warburton and Peter Higham


    Winner DT Evans and Peter Higham



    Referees Officers 2018

  • Referees Officers 2018


    The WCBBA Referees Society announce they are to hold a SEMINAR for people of all ages who wish to qualify and become a Crown Green Bowling Referee.
    The seminar will take place at the ABERGELE Bowling Club on Friday 9th December starting at 7pm.
    Candidates should bring with them details of their name, postal address and mail address if possible. All candidates are requested to familiarise themselves with the Rules of The Game prior to their attendance.
    The seminar fee is £10 and includes entrance into the examination in January 2017.
    Any candidate requiring any further information should telephone Peter Hayes on 01745 361084 or e-mail him on peterhayes21@gmail.com

    2015 Season

    Peter Hayes is the Secretary and Treasurer for 2015 season.

    2014 Season

    New Positions for 2014 are:-
    Mr Peter Hayes
    2 Little Paddock
    Res Park
    Kinmel Bay LL18 5GZ
    Tel:- 01745 361084
    email: - hayes21@aol.com

    Mr D T Evans
    Murmur y Don
    10 Cae Mair
    Holyhead LL58 8YN
    Tel: - 01248 810792
    email: - dtevans182@googlemail.com

    2013 Season

    Congratulations to David T Evans (D.T.)who has been appointed as the referee for the upcoming Crosfield cup final for the Warwick & Worcester home venue on Sunday 1st September, below are some testimonials as a flavour as to how this appointment is viewed.

    Stan Higham Trophy

    Winner Wayne Jevons & runner-up Stan Warburton.

    John Percy & Ken Hardman.

    Referees Section

    2012 Season

    2011 Season

    A Referees Seminar will be held on Wednesday 18th May (06-30pm) at Abergele Bowling Club, anyone interested in becoming a referee please contact Danuta Price tel 01745 824381 or email:- dusiaprice@btinternet.com

    This law's enforcement seminar was held in late March 2011 at Winnington Park in Cheshire. Thirteen Welsh referees attended and were updated with some recent changes.

    Above part of the Welsh contingent of referees.

    Delegates to the Seminar from other parts of the country.

    Referee's are good listeners.

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  • Referee Statement July 2009